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At Crockett Family Farms, growing good herb runs in the family.


Originally hailing from California’s Sierra Nevada mountains, Dave Crockett is a third generation pot farmer with a talent for developing deliciously fruity phenotypes—most notably, his best-selling Strawberry Banana, and his citrusy breakout strain Tangie, which early on earned him the nickname “Tangie Man.”

Then in November 2009, after two decades of fine tuning his cultivars and craft, Crockett booked a trip to Amsterdam to attend the High Times Cannabis Cup with the firm intention of establishing some solid connections and introducing his genetics to the world. He exceeded on all counts: befriending then High Times senior editor (now our Chief Operations Officer) Bobby Black and his wife April (who arranged Crockett’s travel), as well as Don and Aaron of industry heavyweights DNA Genetics, with whom he formed a partnership soon thereafter.

At the 2012 Cup, Crockett’s unique new citrus strain Tangie (entered under the DNA banner) took 3rd place for Best Seed Company Hash. In the two years that followed, Tangie took the weed world by storm—winning over 20 awards, and transforming this humble farmer into a full-fledged "pot star" practically overnight.

Left to right: Crockett's great uncle Ed, son Brian, Crockett, and his dad.

Crockett with Bobby & April Black (center) posing in front of the giant Amsterdam sign, Nov. 2009.

With Aaron (left) and Don (center) of DNA Genetics at their shop in Amsterdam.

Mr. & Mrs. Crockett posing with one of the many Cannabis Cup awards they've won.

“Pretty much right off the bat, I became the ‘Tangie Man,’” Crockett recalls. “I didn't mind it though, because I really like the fruit flavor, and I knew if I moved on to another fruit—something that smelled like lemon or pineapple or grape or something like that—that it would fall right into my palette and what everybody knows me for.”

Building on his successful partnership with DNA, the Tangie Man soon formed his own seed company—Crockett Family Farms. And if you’ve ever visited our booth at a cannabis event, you’re probably aware that that moniker is no mere marketing gimmick: the whole Crockett clan—Dave, his wife Kristy, son Brian and daughter Sierra—all contribute to the business in various ways, from packaging and production to promotions and events.


Crockett's daughter Sierra working behind the booth at the Emerald Cup in 2015.

“We work well together,” Crockett says. “You have to give a little bit more than you would for other employees, but at the same time, you expect a little bit more too. The important thing is, I can rely on them.”

In fact, Brian—who is now the fourth generation of the family to cultivate cannabis—is beginning to manage grows of his own, and is the heir apparent to this celebrated cultivation legacy. 


"Learning from and working beside my dad and the rest of my family has been the most rewarding experience I could've  imagined," says Brian. "I'm excited for the future we're building together.  

Crockett and his son Brian working side by side in one of their many gardens.

Crockett and Brian celebrate some more Cannabis Cup wins with Bobby & April.

Based in California’s Central Coast region, Crockett Family Farms continues to produce some of the finest quality flowers and seeds in the world—earning us induction into High Times magazine’s prestigious Seedbank Hall of Fame in 2017. In fact, our genetics have now won over 100 different awards from nearly every cannabis competition around the world (including the High Times Cannabis Cup, The Emerald Cup, Spannabis, Chalice and many more) and can now be found in most major dispensaries and pot shops across the country.


The boss taking care of business.

Recently named one of High Times’ 100 Most Influential People in Cannabis, it seems the only thing in higher demand than Crockett’s strains these days is his expertise. Whether through his own brand or under the umbrella of DAD Consultancy (a joint venture with his DNA partners), Crockett offers advice and assistance to cannabis companies, brands and growers everywhere that allow them to take their businesses to the next level.


Grower, breeder, consultant, business owner—Crockett is an award-winning agricultural entrepreneur with the knowledge, experience, and vision to dominate in the ever-expanding and evolving legal cannabis industry. And with the help of his immediate family, his extended family of trusted partners, workers and advisers, and his legion of fans around the world, that's exactly what he plans to do. 


Quality Cannabis is in Our GenesTM


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